Time-lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography is a dynamic way of capturing an activity or event, over a period of time, and condensing the footage into a short video as an effective market tool. It enables the photographer to tell the story of a project that lasts days, months or even years, by presenting it to an audience in a captivating short video of only a few minutes.

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What Can Time-lapse Be Used For:

Time-lapse photography can be used on a wide range of applications. Aerial View Photography specialises in long term construction projects that last months and years, and events that run just a week or two.

Time-lapse Services:

We look after everything so you can concentrate on managing your project or event:

  • Work with you to formalise desired outcomes.
  • Plan the project, advise desirable camera locations and equipment.
  • Install, maintain and monitor on-site cameras.
  • Establish your own personal on-line web gallery to instantly view and share photos as they are taken.
  • Incorporate drone aerial photography/videography as required.
  • Post production editing services to create engaging time-lapse videos.

Benefits of Long Term Time-lapse Photography:


  • Project Management: instantly view progress via on-line web gallery, less site lists saving time and money, use hi-res photos for project reports.
  • Stakeholder Reporting: CEO’s, off-site managers, clients and other stakeholders can be kept up to date with construction progress by logging into the web gallery anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Live-Lapse: view instant time lapse videos, up to 3 months of activity, at the click of a button.
  • Marketing: powerful promotional tool, hi-res photos at your fingertips at a far less cost than regular visits to site by a photographer. Easily share direct to your social media platforms. HD time lapse videos for publicity/media releases, add logos, motion graphics, interviews, voice-over, ground & aerial footage to create a corporate video to visually engage your audience and showcase your project.
  • Liability Protection: provides a photographic history of site activities on any given day, and can assist with site security.


  • Showcase previous events from start to finish with a dynamic time-lapse video.
  • Hi-res photos and time-lapse video for your marketing, publicity and media releases.
  • Instantly share photos to your social media platforms, directly from the web gallery.

Time-lapse Equipment and Processes:

Hi-tech camera equipment:

  • Hi-res camera (up to 24mp) which can accommodate wide-angle lenses.
  • State of the art Intervalometer: triggers the camera, uploads photos, enables status monitoring and remote configuration of camera settings, all via a wireless 3G connection.
  • Lithium-ion battery and solar panel for continuous power supply.
  • IP-66 weather-proof housing with optical pure B270 glass to ensure the clearest images.


With over 30yrs in the Civil Engineering and Construction sector we have the knowledge and expertise to offer the best advice on planning, camera location and use of equipment to ensure we capture the best aspects of your project.

Our video editors are highly skilled in a variety of software suites to ensure our post production services are efficient and of the highest standard.

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Areas We Service:

Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Throughout the Eastern & Central States of Australia